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vma disappointment - Celebrate we will, for life is short but sweet for certain [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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vma disappointment [Sep. 7th, 2008|10:33 pm]
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[Current Music |sergio mendes]

Okay, so this post really has nothing whatsoever to do with the VMAs, expect for the fact that I was disappointed in them....and now I am absolutely certain that I am old. Ah, such is life.

This past weekend has been fabulous--I finally had off of work and could do as I pleased for an entire two days...FREEDOM! Friday after work I went with Adam, Abby and Jimmy to see Polydream at Shank Hall. Abby knew the lead singer from college and has seen them several times before--overall, it was a nice show. I'm always in the market for new music, so, in the very least, I did get some new music into my head. I bought a couple of their songs on iTunes today...if you check them out, make sure to listen to "Luster" and "Montana", which are their strongest songs, in my opinion.
Sidenote: I'm not even really sure if anyone is still involved, writing and/or reading livejournals. I know that I keep up with a few of the journals, but there's nowhere near as many people writing as there used to be. I feel pretty confident in saying that no one will probably ever see this or any of my future entries.

On Saturday I went to Middleton to watch Viktor in his very first volleyball tournament of his high school career. It was kind of strange because to me he'll always be that little boy wearing a Badgers sweatsuit when he got off the airplane...not a highschooler who's taller than me.....I was so proud of him- he really loves volleyball and you could tell he was having a good time. I think he has a good skill level to begin with and has a lot of room for growth in the next three years. I'm glad he found a place where it seems he'll fit in, especially since he's going to a high school that none of his friends from grade school are going to and has to begin all over again. I feel like that's how my high school experience started. Even though I knew a lot of the people at Milwaukee Lutheran and had gone to grade school with them, I was not friends with them, really. My three good friends from grade school all went to different schools and starting that first day at ML was absolutely terrifying. If it hadn't been for cross country, which started practicing two weeks before school started, I would have been completely alone. Luckily, I met Abby and the rest is history:)

Saturday night Heather and I went to the Brewer game since it was Hispanic night and Heather is Hispanic and I wish I was...so all signs pointed towards a great night:) We tailgated with Pat and Paul, which was fun albeit a little awkward, since I hadn't seen Pat in a loooooong time. Plus, they grilled so we didn't have to- which was a huge upside since I am extremely wary of all hot metal surfaces since my unfortunate run-in with that Harley two weekends ago. I had to tell the embarassing Harley moment to Paul and Pat since they saw my lovely bandaged leg and wondered what happened. If something really cool had happened, I would have no problem telling the story..."Oh this burn? Well, I actually got it when I saw this Harley taking a corner too tightly with a baby on the backseat and I ran up just in time to snatch the infant from plummeting to its death, only to be trapped under the enormous death-vehicle and the leather-clad biker that was riding it. In the process of my heroic life-saving endeavor, my right calf became severely burned from the exhaust pipe as I struggled to hold onto the baby and lift the Harley and said biker off of me. So really, tis just a battlewould which speaks to my selfless act." HOWEVER....the story is nowhere nearly as interesting as the aforementioned...so although it may make for a good lil chuckle, I only succeed in making whoever's listening think that I am a complete and utter fool. Which, in that moment, I was- but I don't want to tell stories to highlight that fact:) What's that saying....stay silent and let people think you're a fool, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt? Something like that...

Life is a funny think most of the time. I have a feeling that this week will bring some interesting changes into my life. At least I hope so. Because I am floundering in a sea of potential monatany....which only worsens with the oncoming cold. I need a fun new hobby. That just might do the trick.