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a lot like life.... [Jul. 7th, 2008|04:12 pm]
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so.....much has happened in my life that i haven't written about in a loooooong time. i graduated last year, and assumed my life would happen speedily. alas, it has not. i am nowhere even near where i thought i would be...then again, i guess i never really knew (and still don't know) what i wanted to do. still trying to figure that out. it's been unbelievably nice to have a break from theatre for this year. but now that it's been a year since i've been in school and i feel as if i should be doing something new, heading somewhere new..etc...working at walgreens is okay; i mean, it pays the bills and i'm able to pay off more loans/debt than i thought i would be able to...BUT (there's the giant question mark) i'm not sure if i can keep it up. if you've never worked retail, it's hard to explain, but my job is literally exhausting. everyday is running around, climbing, stocking, unloading, being happy and nice so customers like you...keeping up this charade is like one giant show, day in, day out. so maybe i am closer to theatre than i thought:) i know this entry is a huge ramble-cluster...but there are so many things in my brain right now...and i finally have a computer to write, instead of painstakingly typing entries on my phone. what to do, what to do.....always the question.....