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[Mar. 13th, 2006|04:12 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |the shins]


1. First kiss: Mark

2. First love: No one yet...

3. First heartbreak: Mark

4. First car: well, i drove a 'biscuit' colored mercury sable- but it was my parents, not mine...now i have my own first car and it's HOT...and gold-colored and named juanita:)

5. First pet: Raleigh, our english springer spaniel

6. First word: not sure

7. First concert: dave matthews band

8. First crush: Mike Reid in fourth grade

9. First alcoholic beverage: umm...smirnoff something or other

10. First time you stayed out all night: dave matthews concert?

11. First best friend: kelsey lurvey

12. First job: selling corn with my brothers and sisters

13. First school: Pewaukee elementary

12. First movie you watched in a theater: little mermaid? i can't remember any before that..

13. First thing you really saved up money for: my first bike...i saved all the money i made from selling corn one summer...it was like $40 to buy a pink 10-speed from wal-mart..ahheehhe

14. First run in with the Law: ummm when i was cat sitting for my neighbors someone broke into their house and i had to be interviewed by the police...but the first time i was directly connected would have been this year

15. First date: Mark--i think we saw 'exteme ops'...aka the funniest/weirdest movie ever


1. Last kiss: Paul, when i was in madison...ahhaah that's weird

2. Last person you hugged: umm...Ashley?

3. Last person you spoke to: Mike Dreger

4. Last alcoholic beverage: amaretto sour...what else?!:)

5. Last time you brushed your teeth: this morning

6. Last movie: hmmm...i think the last movie i watched was 'original sin' when it was on tv

7. Last person you thought of: mark......okay, so writing all those firsts down and he was a few of them made me think about our relationship. maybe i kind of miss it.

8. Last school you went to: Viterbo

9. Last person you said "I love you" to: my dad

10. Last run in with the Law: lindsey's infamous 911 call to save me...thanks linds

11. Last fight you were in: um..fistfight? none....but i was mad at my dad this saturday

12. Last bar/club/concert/party you went to: starlight lounge with ash

13. Last person you E-mailed: jill from door off broadway---i have an internship!!!!

14. Last thing you ate: a pretzel in the costume shop

15. Last thing you saved up money for: rent, bills, paying off debts, school...i don't think there's a point when i'm not saving money anymore-------------------------------------------------------


1. Next person you want to kiss: my boyfriend...when i get one...ahahah

2. Next movie you want to see: the scary babysitter one...

3. Next person you want to go out with: my friends...also people from work so that my manager can buy us drinks

4. Next car you want to have: one that works

5. Next time you're going out: friday?

6. Next time you're going to move: to door county for the summer so i can work at door off broadway theatre!

7. Next thing you are going to save money for: for moving to new york city next year after graduation...i'm so excited!

8. Next time that you will drink alcohol: friday?

9. Next person you are going to call: not sure...abby?

10. Next place you'll take vacation: does branson, missouri count? it's not really vacation, because i have to work...but i guess it counts

11. Next thing you are going to do after filling this survey out: check my email again

12. Next thing you are going to eat: not sure

13. Next time you plan to be drunk: friday?

14. Next thing you are going to do outside: walk to my car

15. Next person you'd like to see fill this out: umm...no one in particular...